Paxil Order

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Paxil Order

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2. The fact that a manufacturer puts certain drugs in a mixture, is no proof that these drugs are there when the mixture reaches the patient. The physician must be assured that they are there when he prescribes them. 3. Complex mixtures should be avoided. It is absurd to expect, as is claimed in the case of Formitol Tablets, anodyne, antiseptic, astringent, expec- torant, and resolvent action all at the same time. (From The Journal A. M. A., June 19, 1920.) SUKRO-SERUM AND APHLEGMATOL Report of the Council on Pharmacy and Chemistry Two years ago, American newspapers contained accounts of an alleged cure for pulmonary tuberculosis "discovered" by Prof. Domenico Lo Monaco of Rome, Italy. At that time no reference to the "cure" could be found in medical journals which had come from Italy and other European countries (THE JOURNAL A. M. A., July 13, 1918, p. 142). Later, reports were published of experiments carried out in Italy, according to which the intramuscular injection of solutions of sugar (saccharose cane sugar) diminished pulmonary secretion and was of considerable value in the treatment of tuberculosis (THE JOURNAL A. M. A., Sept. 28, 1918, p. 1083). On the whole the reports of the trial of what has been called the Italian Sugar Cure for Consumption have been unfavorable. At a meeting in Paris in October, 1918, Drs. Louis Renon and Mignot reported that they had found that the disease in guinea-pigs was not modified by the treatment and with humans the results were also negative (Paris Letter, THE JOURNAL A. M. A., Nov. 23, 1918, p. 1760). In view of the exploitation of this treatment in the United States by the Anglo-French Drug Co., which offers "Sukro-Serum," and by G. Giambalvo & Co., which sells "Aphlegmatol," and because of inquiries received, the Council has authorized publication of the statement Paxil Order which follows. W. A. PUCKNER, Secretary. A circular issued by the Anglo-French Drug Co., describes "Sukro-Serum" as a "Sterilized Solution of lacto-gluco-saccharose." By reading the circular to the end, however, one learns that "Sukro-Serum" is not a "serum" in the ordinary sense but apparently it is a solution of ordinary sugar (sucrose). "Sukro-Serum is a sterilized, specially prepared solution of Saccharose." Sukro-Serum has been advertised (N. Y. Med. Jour., Sept. Paxil Order 6, 1919) as an "INTRAMUSCULAR Paxil Order INJECTION FOR TUBERCULOSIS" ". . . ready for use in cases of Pulmonary and general Tuberculosis" with the assertion that "It is quite certain that in the near future Sukro-Serum will be largely used and its value fully recognized." The circular received from the Anglo- French Drug Co. contains quotations from an article by Professor Lo Monaco in the British Medical Journal (Aug. 24, 1918) setting forth the merits of intramuscular injections of sucrose in tuberculosis. It is recommended that "Neocaine-Surrenine" (which the Anglo-French Drug Co. supplies) be used for the control of pain when Sukro-Serum is injected. The circular enclosed with a package of "Aphlegmatol," purchased from from G. Giambalvo & Co., contained the following with reference to the com- position of this preparation : 274 PROPAGANDA FOR REFORM "A solution of Hydrats of Carbon After the formula of Prof. D. Lo Monaco, Director of the Institut of Physiological Chemistry of the University of Rome. Contents: Sucrose Glucose and Galactose ( The package contained ampules of thin, fragile, brown colored glass, con- taining approximately 2% c.c. of light, clear, amber colored, Paxil Order thick, sticky fluid, having a distinct caramel odor. Reaction />H 5.0. A reducing substance (probably glucose) amounting to 7.4 per cent, was found by using Benedict's method for estimating glucose quantitatively ; after hydrolysis with hydrochloric acid, 55.5 per cent, glucose was found. There was no reaction for albumin. No attempt was made to identify the sugars, as it seemed probable that in the preparation caramel had been produced. The circular which accompanied the package of Aphlegmatol contained the following information (spelling and composition as in original) about its use and effects : To be emploied where a large bronchial secretion is present in the respiratory branches disease. The secretion will diminish and, in non complicated cases, it will completely disappear. Fever, cough, hemottisis, night perspiration, vomiting and difficulty of breathing are, in the meantime, diminuished. Aphlegmatol acts also as a riconstituent, being itself a nurrishing composition, improves the digestive function of the body and increases the arterial pressure. 5 c.c. (2 Phials) of Aphlegmatol per day must be injected intramuscularly in the Gluteus. If the patient wishes two injections may be made, one at the right immediately followed by a second one at the left. The cure must not be interrupted' untill sometime after expectoration has disappeared, which result may be obtained only after fifty or sixty days, in the meantime the patient must be controlled by his home physician, especialy when thermal elevation of the body takes place. Improvement will be manifested on or about the tenth day of the first injection. In the advertising circular, which is apparently intended for general distri- bution, much the same information Paxil Order is given as in the sheet enclosed with the ampules, except that in the directions we find: "If the injections are painful especially in cases where patients are very emaciated physicians Paxil Order Paxil Order are advised to inject together with Aphlegmatol, as an anesthetic, a vial with 1 c.c. solution of Stovain Paxil Order at 3%." The advertising for Aphlegmatol contains many, misspelled words and appears to Paxil Order be the work of those ignorant of the English language. Tuberculosis is a widespread disease and a majority of the uninformed are only too willing and ready to try such Paxil Order a "cure." The preparations appear to be nothing more than concentrated solutions of sugar. It is probable that a small amount Paxil Order of the cane sugar might be inverted to glucose and fructose, but experiments have shown that cane sugar subcutaneously administered in the small amounts used in this instance is largely excreted in the urine unchanged. Less is known about galactose, but the evidence available would indicate that galactose is largely excreted in the urine unchanged when given subcutaneously. Glucose would be absorbed as such, and in the amounts under consideration, used by the system much the same as when given by mouth. (From The Journal A. M. A. t Aug. 21, 1920.) SUPSALVS NOT ADMITTED TO N. N. R. Report of the Council on Pharmacy and Chemistry The Council has authorized publication of the following report declaring Supsalvs (Anglo-French Drug Company) inadmissible to New and Nonofficial
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